Jörg Mikula, born 1975 in Graz, Austria, studied drumset at the Kunstuniversitaet Graz (graduation 2001 with honors) and the Berklee College of Music in Boston (graduation 1999 magna cum laude). Among his most influential teachers were Jamey Haddad, Ian Froman, Alex Deutsch, Dave DiCenso, Kenwood Dennard and Hal Crook.
Further studies took him to Uganda and Morocco, deepening his understanding for energy and groove.

He is am member of the quartet “Donauwellenreiter”, who are exploring new paths with their original music with the unique instrumentation piano, violin, cello and drums. So far they have recorded four albums and are touring internationally.

Additionaly Jörg is very often found where ethnic styles mingle with pop and jazz.

He has played with musicians from the Balkans (Sandy Lopicic, Martin Lubenov, Nikola Zaric, Petar Ralchev, Natasa Mirkovic), from Turkey (Selen Gulun, Sakina Teyna, Sabri Tulug Tirpan, Sertab Erener, Özlem Bulut), from Iran (Golnar Shayar, Mahan Mirarab, Mona Matbou Riahi, Mohammad Khodadadi, Nariman Hodjati), from Africa (Cheikh Ndao, Juliet Sessanga, Albert Bisaso).

He has also played with jazz musicians Tord Gustavsen, Daniel Zamir, Ulrich Drechsler, Jose Saluzzi, Chris Gall.

His abilities for song interpretation and strong groove-playing make him an in-demand studio drummer for various pop-artists. So far he has recorded over 50 Cd´s.

In 2013 he released his solo debut, a Cd called “Drumsongs” (Unit-Records), that features his compositions for solo-drumset.

On the percussive side he specialized on the persian tombak and all sorts of frame drums.

Besides his international playing activities, Jörg is on the faculty of the Vienna Music Institute teaching drumset, percussion and ensemble.


Released 2013 on Unit Records

The CD “Drumsongs” features nine compositions for solo-drumset exploring song formats.

1 Open The Box 2:57
2 For Fink 3:59
3 Djemaa El Fna 3:31
4 Of Witches And Dragons 4:41
5 Where Do We Go? 3:50
6 Inner Search 4:50
7 Zagabunga 3:26
8 Mikula & Sons 3:19
9 Nacht 4:09

Using the multiple sonic possibilities of a small drumkit and inspired by singer-songwriters like Fink or Mumford&Sons as well as moroccan gnawa-music a wide range of moods and sentiments is transported.

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Maria Craffonara – Vocals, Violin
Thomas Castañeda – Piano
Lukas Lauermann – Cello
Jörg Mikula – Drums

Vienna World Orchestra

Golnar Shayar – Vocals
Efe Turumtay – Violin
Paul Dangl – Violin
Simon Schelnegger – Viola
Rina Kaçinari – Cello
Mahan Mirarab – Guitar
Ariel Ramirez – Bass
Jörg Mikula – Drums

Sakina & Friends

Sakina – Vocals
Mahan Mirarab – Guitar
Oscar Antoli – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Efe Turumtay – Violin
Jörg Mikula – Drums, Percussion

Duo Kaçinari Mikula

Rina Kaçinari – Cello, Vocals
Jörg Mikula – Drums, Vocals


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Jörg Mikula

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